Why does analogue work fascinating? Why do many designers work in an analogue method? 'Octavo' magazine had been produced 8 issues from 1986 to 1992 by 8vo – a graphic design firm formed by Simon Johnston, Mark Holt and Hamish Muir. And whenever they produce the magazine, they worked with full-scale mockups first. This is the starting point of the 'mock-up mock-up mock-up'.

In collaboration work with Martina Hareter, researching was the first step of the project. Pining 'Octavo' magazine as a start point, we tried to find artists, designers, magazines, and firm who are obsessed by the charm of analogue works. We collected images and photos of mockups, dummy and sketches. And also quotes from designers about the analogue work.

This is a fanzine of the analogue work.

Concept & production : Min Young Kim, Martina Hareter
Instruction : Prof. Marion Fink
Print : Laser-print, Silk-print, FHNW HGK Basel
Binding : Min Young Kim, Martina Hareter
Fonts : Neue Haas Unika Pro, Stanley

We always worked on full-scale mock-ups, trying to get as close as possible to the final printed pieces, both when making visuals by hand, and later when working on computers (where full-scale printouts rather than screen representations were used to make judgements about progressing a design ).
— Mark Holt & Hamish Muir, 8vo: On The Outside


On the cover, you can check brief information about all the designers, magazines and firms that we found through our research.


Through the research, we found some relations between designers we have listed. For us, it was fascinating to work about part of contemporary design history. The net starts from 'Octavo' (London) to whole Europe and even reach Japan.
We formed the net with taping, drawing and marking like what 8vo did for their magazine. This net became the cover.