Architektonische Position


Architektonische Position

This project is a fictitious exhibition named “Architektonische Positionen Basel”.
In collaboration work with Sarah Wolfsberger, we developed a poster, flyer, and teaser with Maurer Halle – one of the remarkable buildings in Basel. 

Maurer Halle has a geometric structure and a rough end. The unique structure of this building introduces its character at first sight. And when we get close, we can find interesting texture on the wall. This is what we were fascinated. 

We zoomed in the wall and picked one edge. One slanted line dividing the space vertically was enough to emphasize the whole geometric signature of Maurer Halle.  For the flyer, we folded it precisely to form an outline of the building. In the teaser, we used a microlens to get details of the rough texture. Sounds were recorded during we were working in the hall, and adjusted to express the space of Maurer Halle.